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to revert to your texas voice. >> the last time i saw my brother, we had an immense fight. it was in his house in san antonio, i am describing, the book opens with this fight. this is sort of a picture of my brother at this exact moment. there are always apples around him, women, too. apple pie, big sheik antique bowls of wooden apples, read and golden, apples pencils, produce framed on the library wall, texas vegetables from the rio grand empire. i am an american first, then a texan he would say not understanding he sounded like auggi march. the clues are there, i later realized. a man's fate is his character. you always have to show off and tell us what you know, carl said. i'll be in washington next week i say. i have an interview, i have to close of peace. you promised me, you said you would stay away from washington state. you sat right here and said you would not go to the cascades. he yells as loudly as i have ever heard him. washington, d.c. i shout back. i have the trait as well. [laughter]. >> as you are thinking about that, i would like to ask you to give us one more. there ar
. >>> from the heart. the inspirational last message from a texas teen that has people around the world listening. >>> and to the moon. tonight, inside the mission being called the biggest since we landed there. being called the biggest since we landed there. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. i'm harry smith, in for brian tonight. five days to go and iowans can't blink without seeing or hearing or bumping into a republican presidential candidate. the candidates are making final arguments before tuesday's caucus claiming they have the record, the values and the right stuff to win the nomination and win next november. chuck todd and peter alexander are in iowa tonight. we begin with peter in mason city. peter, good evening. >> reporter: harry, good evening to you. one sign that mitt romney's campaign is gaining confidence and looking forward to the opportunity to win here in iowa next week is the fact that today they announced they will host a party after next tuesday night's caucuses and then stay overnight to do tv interviews befo
supreme court case, a case that was very important to texas, the state where perry is of course governor. in lawrence v. texas the supreme court struck down the anti-sodomy law in texas and 13 other states. this happened in 2003, when perry was in fact serving as governor of texas. >> his question is how do i -- how do i defend my criticism of limited government in the lawrence v. texas. listen, here's -- here's the issue that i have.ç i don't dislike government. i just want government to work. i wish i could tell you i knew every supreme court case. i don't. i'm not even going to try to go through every supreme court case. that would be -- you know, i'm not a lawyer. but here's what i do know. i know they're spending too much money in washington, d.c. and $15 trillion worth of debt is on the back of that young man right there. and if we don't go in and cut the size of government, court cases aren't going to make one tinker's heck. >> one tinker's heck. that's the word that showed up in my prompter. i don't know what that means. the "texas tribune" pointed out that perry actually cited
. >>> a texas teen -- hours. >>> a texas teen made a tearful good-bye. this revealed something more serious. [ music ] ♪ . >> through the use of cards he let everybody know he was suffering from a heart condition. and his heart gave out on christmasing morning. the video he was viewed by nearly a million people. the grief felt by a family of a brutally murdered 9-year-old girl in indiana is also being felt right here in maryland. that is because elainea limbon went to skewing in hag -- school in hagerstown. she shea attended winter street elementary until june. police arrested 39-year-old family friend for the murder. >>> new information could crack a howard county cold case ten years after the crime. a young man murdered in a parking lot in laurel and there's still no trace of his killer. mike hellgren speaks to the victim's heart broken family. >> reporter: ten years ago, police found derrick peters shot det ded in the park lot in the north part of laurel. throughout the years his mother has been waiting for detectives to arrest her son's killer. >> if i knew who did this, i would go af
raise your hand. the director of business development. [applause] orlando works in texas, new mexico, and oklahoma. if you are from those areas, certainly try to spend some time with him. vice president of operations. oliver is out of the south central region, and as much of his work in texas also. we have wr smallmolares. he is community relations manager for the business we do at houston independent school district. i have to tell you, my work is in community relations, and we have three account level managers, and all of them are latino. it was not planned that way, but really nice that it worked out that way. i work closely with them. is mike in the room? markets here. mark of director of business development. he is covering texas, california, colorado, nevada and arizona. very glad we have colleagues over on this side of the country that could be here with us. we want to thank alas for giving us the opportunity to be involved with this conference. i have to tell you, he was absolutely right about windy. she is a hard sell, but i'm glad she is because of allows us to of the parti
to be home? this is said in a texas accent. i would say i don't know. he said you have to be there because they are my pears and precious and have to put them in the refrigerator the minute you come in. i learned to say okay. then the fruit would come and it would be wrapped like a bomb or something, each fruit, each pear. these gorgeous asian pears had sty row foam socks wrapped around them. after the fruit came you'd get a series of phone calls, can i demand a refund from the ups man, are you sure, can you write down what time it came? >> you have been carrying around this story all your life, what happened, why turn it into a book? >> it was a huge decision. it came completely. so many of us carry around this sibling thing in the attic thing. it came to me because something happened in our life which transformed our relationship. it was huge for me and huge for him. we learned how to become a team. and we had, my brother had a crisis and wrote me a letter about it, kind of a stunning letter that came like a time bomb, when he was quite young, barely 50 that he had a rare form of non smo
positive ads. >> sean: coming up next, texas congressman ron paul will lay out his plan for winning in iowa. that and much more coming up straight ahead. >> congressman ron paul has some of the most vocal and loyal support orts campaign trail, including those in the great state of iowa. say sat down with the congressman, following a debate in the hawkeye state. >> let's take a look at this. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> sean: thanks for being with us. >> i notice, you never gave a full answer to the question: will you promise if you don't win this nomination -- and you are doing very well here in iowa -- that you will support the republican nominee and not run third party? >> i will give the same answer i have given about 39 times now. i have no intention of doing that. i plan to do my very best and see what happens in the next two months. i upon not making-- >>> i don't want to push you too hard, but that leaves the door open. so you are leaving the door open? >> i don't like absolutes. i don't like to say i will absolutely never do such and such. >> sean: you will absolutely wan
for saturday and sunday. >> mark, thank you. >>> a young texas boy is getting a new bud theweekend direct from the bay area. natura, a yellow lab from marine county guide dogs for the blind. she is afraid to fly so she failed the guide dog test but she will serve as a buddy dog to a 9-year-old. zach is losing his vision. she will help him learn to bond with an animal. a relay of volunteers is driving the 1 1/2-year-old to texas. >>> that is our report for today. we will see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues tonight at 10:00. tmz is up next right here on tv36
law. gingrich says he'll continue no matter the outcome in iowa, texas governor rick perry is not so sure. when asked if there was an outcome next tuesday that would force him from the race, perry said, it might, if that is, quote, god's will. >>> one republican candidate isn't focusing on iowa. jon huntsman has spent his time to win voters in new hampshire. huntsman says the iowa results will soon be forgotten. >>> the day after the iowa caucuses, president obama will do a little campaigning himself. it's in iowa. -- it's in ohio. a key state he won in 2008 but it has been hard hit by the economy and that will be the focus of the president's visit. yesterday, mr. obama and the first lady visited the memorial honoring the more than 2,300 americans killed in the attack on pearl harbor in 1941. and threw flower petals over the sunken halt of the "uss arizona." >>> north korea says its new leadership does not change his position. north korean political and military elites are uniting around kim jong-un who replaced his late father. the north military says anyone expecting them to ease i
regreso del gobernador de texas no logra llegar a virginia y hablamos para contar los detalles. >> sulema: el gobernador de texas fracasó en su intento de exigir que su nombre se agregaba las boletas electorales de las elecciones primarias de virginia, la semana pasada y lo entregó las firmas necesarias para poder estar en las boletas, aunque su campaña dice lo contrario, y por eso entabló una demanda, un juez del distrito tomó su solicitud, y programó una audiencia preliminar para el 13 enero, así de pronto virginia tendrá que imprimir nuevamente las boletas electorales. hablando de virginia más ayuda están camino para las víctimas del sismo de magnitud cinco. ocho ocurrió en agosto, la agencia federal del manejo de emergencias, aprobó la asistencia individual a las personas damnificadas que vivan en la calidad de los condados. y más noticias dos personas murieron esta mañana en un accidente vehicular en university bulevar en silver springs, la policía dice que tres jóvenes estaban en una camioneta cuando la conductora perdió el control del vehículo y chocó contra la
on that unclaimed money. a texas teen has been cultiv you can find all sorts of videos on youtube from funny to heartwarming to inspirational. but at texas teenager has been cultivating the following to his videos on the web and has been born and shows us, it was the last video he posted that let the lasting impression on thousands of people. >> bandit breedlove was an 18 -year-old who had an unusual gift for reaching others, mainly through his internet tv channel. >> he started by posting videos of pranks and sports, then turned to giving dating advice. and almost always, his parents sean and deanna breedlove say he was smiling. >> he was always joyful. >> but unknown to his parents, then made another video that was more serious, about the medical condition he had since birth. i think any of the heart muscle that eventually leads to heart failure. he used no cards to tell his life story, including two near- death experiences. he pounded with peaceful and said he couldn't stop smiling. just the week later, on christmas day, it collapsed. >> we think his heart just gave out. >> the next day,
norte de texas con nueve pulgadas. en las prÓximas horas, la zona de los grandes lagos va recibir algunas pulgadas de nieve. reciÉn ahÍ comenzaremos a ver un blanco comienzo del aÑo. >> una de las mayores dificultades que enfrentan los inmigrantes es la de conseguir una adecuada asesorÍa legal. las consecuencias han sido terribles por el mal consejo jurÍdico, puede dar lugar a la separaciÓn de familias mediante las deportaciones. tenemos uno de los mÁs recientes casos que tuvo como escenario nueva york. >> esta familia mostrÓ su indignaciÓn frente a la fundaciÓn mundial@ rescatando al inmigrante. segÚn ellos la presidenta del alcance hizo pasar como abogada y estafÓ a william torres quien ahora se encuentra detenido en un centro de migraciÓn. >> se presentÓ para llevar el caso de mi sobrina que tenÍa una orden de deportaciÓn dijo que ya habÍa tomado esa orden de deportaciÓn, era mentira. >> un engaÑo por el que supuestamente pagÓ mÁs de $ 1000. en vez de enviar al departamento de inmigraciÓn. >> no queremos que siga engaÑando a mÁs personas, a más inmigra
inspired people around the world... evee touching the hearts of celebrities... texas teen... ben breedlove shows no fear... just days before his untimely death in his last few videos... he suffered from a heart condition... but didn't let the disease slow him down.as erin cargile explains... hew was an inspiration to his friends, and family. family. --reporter pkg-as follows -- ben breedlove begins his story telling the world about the heart condition he was born with.hcm short for hypertrophic carddomyopathy. a disease of the heart muscle most people couldn't tell he had.even when it showed.he was crossing the street at school one ime and he just dropped in the middle of the street from his heart condition and his friends helped him up and he just kept going and they laughed about it. he didn't take ittoverly seriously he went with it.doctors didn't expect ben to live past his early teens.the 18-year-old had a pacemaker put in two years ago...that gave him more energy, helped regulate his heart and stretch his limits. allowing him to spend more time on the lake, traael to alaska with hi
, kan., iowa, texas, corn, wheat, soy, they have all been beneficiaries is directly, but especially over the last 15 years, of a very beneficial subsidies to the agricultural sector. they were designed early on to be stabilizing subsidies by the usda and congress has wrestled with exactly what the right amount of subsidies should be applied to achieve a specific goal. the farmers have changed the nature of the subsidies and they promised to lessen them over time as well moving away from a direct subsidy on a per acre or per commodity basis to more of an indirect subsidy. for example, using a combination of federal subsidies and market mechanisms, like crop insurance, and other types of stabilizing mechanisms to maintain farm income. it is generally agreed, yes, we do have a disproportionate share of agricultural subsidies because we do produce a disproportionate share of agricultural product. i would not pass the laws, but they are a beneficiary of those laws and have been a beneficiary of the subsidies over time. host: more statistics here as we carry on with our guests and callers from
the senator in that segment. carolyn, independent, texas, what matters most to you when looking at a candidate? caller, it matters to me very much that the people of america have not truly examine the governor terry cost record. he is the most anti-education candidate out there. he has laid off thousands of teachers. we are 48th as far as education goes in america. and he has absolutely no respect for it. why aren't people talking about his record in texas? he claims to be a christian, but we have not observed any christian behavior from him in this state. host: you are looking squarely at policy. looked as personality, chemistry mean anything to you? caller: i think that his charisma is deplorable. he pretends to be a christian, but only one denomination of christian was invited to his prayer meeting in which he announced his candidacy. the evangelicals have a stronghold on politics in texas. presbyterians, methodists, are not invited. from james onar the republican side. caller: i was wondering why none of the candidates are not touching the root cause of the economic issues. we put ourselve
. >>> the christmas day murder/suicide in grapevine, texas. we're "outfront" tonight. man on tv: ...rbis and 36 homers. swings at the first pitch and fouls it deep back into the stands. [ding] [fans whirring] announcer: chill raw and prepared foods promptly. one in 6 americans will get sick from food poisoning this year. check your steps at foodsafety.gov. >>> police release the haunting 911 call from the christmas day murder/suicide in grapevine, texas, that took the lives of seven family members. in it, the gunman who had dressed up as santa claus is heard whispering about the rampage. >> hello, grapevine, 911. >> help me. help me. >> you need help? >> are you sick? >> i'm shooting people. >> do you need an ambulance or police? hello? one moment. >> he was said to have been marital and financial problems opened fire on his estranged wife, his teenage children, his wife's sister, her husband and his niece before turning the gun on himself. in fact, just 30 minutes before the 911 call was made his niece sent this text message to a friend. i'm going to quote it. so we're here. we just got here and my u
. >>> the christmas day murder/suicide in grapevine, texas. we're "outfront" tonight. so you earn 50 percent more cash. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back! i'll be right here, waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? sorry i'll clean this up. shouldn't have made it rain. so, you're looking for helpp. with your mortgage, worried about foreclosure. we can help you keep your house. all we ask for in return is that you submit to our plans for galactic domination. [laughing] [laughing hesitantly] [laughing evilly] sign. announcer: if you're facing foreclosure, talk to the right people. speak with hud-approved housing counselors free of charge at... >>> police release the haunting 911 call from the christmas day murder/suicide in grapevine, texas, that took the lives of seven family members. in it, the gunman who had dressed up as santa claus is heard whispering about the rampage. >> hello, grap
id before getting a ballot. kansas, texas and tennessee are the latest to restrict them. five other states already do. rhode island and new hampshire will ask for them, but allow voting if other identification is provided. the more than 60 million american who is get social security are in for a cost of living increase on the first of the year. that will be about $450 more for the entire year. eight states will raise minimum raise. san francisco will be the first city to raise the minimum wage above $10. it will go to $10.24 an hour, $3 higher than the federal minimum. the commercial truck and bus drivers will face stiff fine fist they use hand held cell phones at the wheel. as of the new year, you mentioned tanning beds that. law goes into effect in california and puts them off limits to anyone under 18. california becomes the first state to bar minors from using them. skin cancer has become an epidemic with young women. >> so many laws that will be instituted in 2012. as we look forward, there is probably going to be issues about how quickly they can implement many of the laws as
case lawrence versus texas, the 2003 case brought the landmark decision to strike down homophobic anti-so many my laws in texas and other states. but perry didn't remember that. >> i wish i could tell you i knew every supreme court case. i don't. we can sit here and play i gotcha questions about what about this supreme court case or whatever, but you and i know the problem in this country is spending in washington, d.c., it's not some supreme court case. >>> a gotcha question? i don't think so. lawrence versus texas was a huge deal. it ended anti-gay laws that criminalized sex between consenting adults, and perry's talked about it in the past. he defended the law when the supreme court took the case in 2002. he also wrote about the case in his book, which came out just last year. he said that the decision was made by nine oligarchs in robes. and of course this wasn't the first time he forgot something on the trail. >> commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? >> activist judges, whether it was -- um -- no, not the so t. >> i ask for your support and your vote. >> sorry
ballot. and the preliminary hearing has been set in texas, governor perry's lawsuit in virginia. perry had tried to file an emergency motion to stop the state from printing ballots without his name on it, but the judge denied it. perry argues that virginia's ballot requirements are, quote, overly burdensome and unconstitutional and that they prevented him from collecting the necessary signatures. >> with the iowa caucuses just four days away, mitt romney is focusing on the state he has ignored most of his campaign. romney, who has stayed away from iowa until now, is now storming the state. the change in strategy comes with rising poll numbers, placing him as a front-runner in the first contest in the country, and now romney is claiming that iowans may ultimately determine who wins the nomination. >> so look at the candidates, decide who you like, and decide who also can become president and can lead the country at a time of challenge. >> ron paul is likely to challenge romney for first, but rick santorum has also surged recently, especially among social conservatives. >>> governor bob
served the state of texas as governor for more than a decade. his home state has created more than 1 million jobs during his tenure as governor, even as america has lost jobs. please welcome america's jobs governor and a candidate for the republican nomination, rick perry. [applause] >> thank you. we were doing business over there, selling coffee. listen, to the blue strawberry folks, thank you for opening this up. we are all about doing some economic development, so we are going to sell some coffee while we are in here too, and maybe a pastry or two. cathy, by the way, thank you for your work, your service and everything. in the brigadier-general is your summer. where are you? i want to say hello to him, a great air force veteran, a real aircraft commander. as a matter of fact, i am going to talk about our military men and women and our active duty folks in just a second. how many veterans are here? let me say, thank you for your service. god bless you. we get to do this, we get to go out and speak up about our government -- from time to time, we can speak against our government. i
alguien más por inmigración neta . >> los estados que más crecen texas california , florida y carolina del norte . >> la combinacion y el movimiento todo esto resulta que la población aumente en una persona cada 17 segundos . >> la empresa honda difícil que 272 mil vehículos deben ser reparados . >> este problema deja decenas de heridos . >> con ellos compañías tendrán que tener valvulas de cierre . >> y prohíbe usar el dinero de los consumidores para pagar sanciones . >> esto por la explosión del 2010 en sa bruno . >> el desfile invita a una banda , ya esta el de este año . >> (♪ ♪) . > > la mejor de puerto rico el abanda escolar , esta compuesta por 165 integrantes . >> el orgullo fue con ellos desde puerto rico . >> demostrar que es por la música . >> y de las banderas . >> (♪ ♪) . >> (♪ ♪) . >> el clima es tropical . >> aunque no sepa por lo menos ayuda un poco . >> y tenían frío ? . >> allá . >> [risas] . >> se caracteriza por la musicalidad, la uniformidad en la presentación y lo organizada que esta . >> es de una preparatoria publica financiar el
. >> it really energizes me, the young people. >> brown: texas congressman ron paul was either tied for first or a close second. 41% in the nbc poll said his libertarian leaning makes him unacceptable. newt gingrich had been the iowa front-runner just a few weeks back but has fallen far behind. in des moines today, remembering his late mother's mental health problemes, he grew emotional. >> and my whole emphasis on brain science comes in directly from dealing with, uh-- of dealing with, you know, the real problems of real people in my family. and so it's not a theory. it's in fact, you know, my mother. >> this is very personal for me. it's not just political. it's not just public. >> brown: moment recalled hillary clinton's emotional moment just before the 2008 democratic primary in new hampshire. she went on to win there. back in iowa, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum continued pressing to add to his late surge. he's not running third. another former front-runner, texas governor rick perry, was running fourth or fifth, depending on the poll. >> the day that president obama came into
. >>> meanwhile texas governor rick perry has lost his first round in his bid to get his name added to the ballot. yesterday a federal judge declined perry's request for an emergency order requiring his name be on the ballot. perry argues commonwealth's primary ballot requirements are overly burdensome and unconstitutional. the judge is going to hear more arguments in the case on january 13th but that's after the ballots will be printed. >>> as the clock ticks closer to the iowa caucuses, gop candidates are busy trying to shore up last support there. duarte geraldino has more on what the candidates are doing to get ready. >> reporter: mitt romney's campaign bus pulled into a packed warehouse in iowa trying to rev up voters. on stage the former governor attacked president obama suggesting he was out of touch with struggling americans, even comparing him to famous french queen. >> i watched the president, he says it could have been worse. that goes down there with let them eat cake. >> reporter: romney and ron paul currently lead the polls in iowa but their rivals are trying to cut into the momentu
place, statistically tied with mitt romney in the state will be spending the weekend in texas with his wife getting ready for new year's eve, which is really sort of amazing because that is going to give mitt romney a big opening here, give him lots of air time to sort of put that closing argument out there to the people of iowa heading into the caucuses. mitt romney is going to new hampshire later today but he will be back in iowa for a big swing through the state, basically for the final days before the caucuses start and then he will be des moines on caucus night to watch those returns come in and he is going all in hoping that the big mo is swinging in his direction and from all appearances at this point, that's exactly what's happening, hala. >> what is ron paul's campaign saying about why he's going back to texas? just a few days before the caucus. what is the strategy? >> we're not hearing a whole lot in terms of what their strategy or thinking is about this. as you know, ron paul is a maverick inside the republican party. he's drawing libertarian support. the likes of which, i
military training to survive. we'll talk to him live from the hospital straight ahead. >> a texas teenager's last message inspiring people online. we'll tell you more about that. >>> we begin this friday morning with the gop presidential candidates in iowa. peter alexander, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you and happy birthday. the front-runner mitt romney is showing new confidence he's now beginning this aggressive and ambitious final sprint. he begins today in iowa, heads to new hampshire, then returns here tomorrow to iowa. his camp is really hopeful this field will pretty much freeze in place with things neck and neck between he and ron paul and a jumble of everybody else. with four days to go until the iowa caucuses, front-runner mitt romney before another large crowd wednesday night aimed to nail down his support, focusing his closing argument on patriotic values. >> we want to instill in our kids a confidence in the future. if i become your president, i will do everything in my power to restore those principles, not to transform america into something new. >> reporter: r
's a different story for texas governor rick perry. he joins me live and we'll talk strategy with him. the republican candidates and their supporters have spent $12.5 million on ads in iowa alone. five new ones just hit the airwaves yesterday. there are so many iowans can hardly blink without seeing a campaign commercial and they do appear to be having an impact. chip is a republican and former huckabee campaign manager. let me start with you on this, chip. i was shocked by the number of ads on the air in iowa and i was shocked by how negative they were. at the time we went out for the debate on the 15th they were about newt gingrich. ron paul went after him so hard and they were not gentle. we see it's making a difference. nonetheless, you tell me, do the negative attack ads work and are the candidates who aren't using them suffering? >> absolutely. fox news alert. negative ads work. you can see that with newt gingrich. he was riding high. half the ads in iowa are negative attacks. that's why we have seen him go from first to fourth and maybe fifth. now his supporters have to figure
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